Weaverville Community Resources

Hey everyone, and thanks for tuning in again to today’s post. As always, we try to keep you updated on the latest things happening in an around our community – events, sporting events, music, concerts, cooking classes, etc.

Picture of some of the items available at our weekly farmers markets

Here is a few things going on in and around town.

Weekly Concert Series

Our weekly concert series feature all kinds of bands, from bluegrass, to folk, to jazz and rock and roll. We have them in front of the main section in our park, and as always, they are FREE!

The Farmers Markets

The farmers markets are free to attend, but there’s no guarantee that you will be able to purchase anything because a lot of times, they sell out before people show up. Most popular items include nuts and seeds, raw milk exchange, berries, and the lettuce … OHHH the lettuce! So Good! Make sure you get there nice and early to secure your goods.

Pick Up Hockey

Pick up hockey happens every week – if it’s iced over, we do it on the pond, if not, we have a special roller / inline hockey court that we use just south of the freeway. There are a few different age groups who partake in this, but it’s mostly young adults with occasional old dudes. There are two different categories, and we do have an organized league if anyone is interested.

Drunken Driver awareness meeting

One of the most important aspects of our community is that are constantly providing continuing education to our citizens. This quarter, we are hosting Bruce of Maryland Accident Lawyer to come and speak to us about the dangers of drunken driving. It’s so unfortunate about the fact that people still drink and drive, but we are really looking forward to this community event that will hopefully wake some people up and cause them to think twice before they drive drunk.

We are looking forward to seeing you out and about at these events! Thank you very much!